The Show of Shows | Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival
The Show of Shows


The Show of Shows

Dir. Benedikt Erlingsson

The stories of circus, vaudeville and other spectacles are united into a single story of the shows in this film by Benedict Erlingson, the director of the Icelandic hit ‘Of Horses and Men’. The documentary united the best footage over 100 years of cinematic documentation of the circus shows. The brightest artists and gymnasts, risky tricks and bears on the bicycles, captured on film, are presenting their art once again in this rhythmic and surrealistic masterpiece. The film is adorned with the special music written by renowned Icelandic musicians - Sigur Ros, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Kjartan Dagur Holm. The cinema hall is going to transform into kaleidoscope at this screening.

The film is screened in the original language with subtitles in Belarusian.








72  min.

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