King's shift

Karaliu pamaina

Director: Ignas Miskinis

Christmas Eve. A remote private clinic. A policeman guards a patient suspected of World War II crimes. Kastytis has been on duty for overtime but no one comes to replace him, and his superiors do not get in touch with him. Despite the uncertainty and the clinic’s unfriendly staff Kastytis does not leave his post because he believes that a good cop must always complete his assignment. The nurse comes late to her shift. Always chatty, the girl manages to have a joyful word with everyone. Even with Kastytis. Unfortunately her careless treatment of the patient Kastytis is guarding makes him lose his temper. Their quarrel grows into a scuffle – a medicine trolley is knocked on the floor with a bang. An intervention is needed by the on-duty doctor and the security guards. Past sins and doings are remembered. The darkness of human infamy unravels in front of Kastytis’ eyes, brightened only by Julia’s smile.

The film is screened in the original language with Belarusian subtitles

Belarusian premiere








112 min.

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