The program of the Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival is out now!



April 19-25 - Minsk / April 20-25 – Vitebsk


The third edition of Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival is announcing the extended program of fresh films from the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. In total, the festival features 14 films from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and, for the first time, from Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Therefore the Festival gets the extended definition. As of this year, Northern Lights is officially the Nordic and Baltic Film Festival.


Also, for the first time, the Festival features two documentaries within the program: the Estonian documentary 'Anthill' that tells the story of a garage in Tallinn’s Lasnamae area, the sister neighborhood of Partyzansky area in Minsk; and 'The Show of the Shows' documentary, featuring the music from the giants of the Icelandic music scene - Sigur Ros.

Among the attractions of the program-2017 - feature film 'Norwegian House' - one of the highest grossing films at the Norwegian box office last year; 'In the Blood' - the directorial debut of Rasmus Heisterberg - one of the writers of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'. And a lot of other interesting films.


Two 'Mir' cinemas in Minsk and Vitebsk will host the main events of Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival. The official opening of the festival will take place on April 20 in 'Mir' cinema (Minsk, ul. Kozlova 4A). Together with AirBaltic - the partner airline of the Festival - 'Northern Lights' gives its fans the opportunity to become better acquainted with the new countries of the festival. Especially for the festival AirBaltic and Northern Lights are giving away two tickets in the direction Minsk-Riga-Minsk and two tickets for the official opening of the festival.


In addition to screenings, the festival offers a lot of extra activities: workshops from renowned filmmakers, film critics, and even designers. Finnish producer Kaarle Aho, nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, will talk both about running the production company and the Oscars race; Russian film critic, Anton Dolin will shed some light on what makes Scandinavian cinema so special; the director, producer, musician and one of the most successful restaurateurs in Oslo - Jan Vardoen, as well as the producer of the most festival-beloved Icelandic drama 'Heartstone' - Anton Mani Svansson,  will share their experiences in filmmaking. Also this year we will try to uncover the secrets of the Scandinavian modernist style success and its impact on Scandinavia branding together with the Master of the creative and media industries Daria Yefimova.


 'Universe inside' is the motto of the 3rd edition of the festival. We believe that each of us carries the universe inside. So does the small Nordic-Baltic Film Festival, by bringing oart of the Northern Universe to Belarus.




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