The 4th Northern Lights Nordic and Baltic Film Festival (April 19-26) announces a new motto — Change the angle.
The new motto of the Film Festival suggests looking at ordinary objects, events, people and yourself in a different way. Northern Lights Film Festival invites you to look at things from an analytical perspective. Try to put yourself in other people's shoes, see the puzzle through the eyes of a mother, child, lover, friend, or enemy. Distance yourself from stereotypes. As they say, if you can’t change the situation — change your attitude towards it.

To support the motto 'Change the angle' the Northern Lights team has created a distinctive visual concept. Festival's branded posters feature upside down images of the director of «Mir» cinema Tatiana Karneliuk, first secretary of the Embassy of Sweden in Belarus Magnus Sätterberg, the director of Northern Lights Film festival Volia Chajkouskaya and the student of technological university Vlad Lukyanchuk. These twisted images literally force you to change your perspective. A new piece of promotional video art experiments with angles, creates a different perspective, plays with the reflections. The inspiration for the video was drawn from the world of cinema and art. Mirror reflections provocatively invite you to deconstruct the stereotypes about banned topics and taboos in the society: gender, sexuality, identity, self-esteem, or vocation. Sometimes it's simply necessary to change the perspective.

The idea for the video was developed by Volia Chajkouskaya and Anton Mekh. Director, cameraman, editor — Anton Mekh. Music by Denis Kudryavcev, the singer and songwriter of the project «Sinie Gory». Design by Vika Kolbasina. Notably, Denis Kudryavcev has been creating soundtracks for Northern Lights Film Festival videos for already three years. Thanks to Denis music, along with other creative components, Northern Lights video art is so remarkable and memorable.

The complete program of the festival will be announced by the end of the next week. This year's program includes 18 films from 9 participant countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Faroe Islands), a bonus-film from the director of Northern Lights Film Festival director and documentary producer Volia Chajkouskaya.

A special attention in this year's program will be given to the Baltic cinema in regards to the 100th Anniversary of Independence of the Baltic States.

During the Festival week, Northern Lights Film Festival Industry platform will host 10 various events: extended Q&A, lectures, master classes and even music concerts.

The official opening of the Northern Lights Film Festival will take place on April 19 in «Mir» cinema (Minsk, vul. Kozlova 4A).

Find the detailed program of the festival on our website northernlightsff.com and in social accounts: FB, VK, INSTA. The film trailers will soon be available on the Festival's YouTube Channel.

      Organizer: Office of Nordic Council of Ministers in Lithuania (www.norden.lt).


      Co-organizers: Embassy of Norway in Kiev, Danish Cultural Institute in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Current Time TV, the unitary enterprise Kinovideoprokat of the Minsk City Executive Committee – KinoMinska. 
     General partners: Liaison Office of the Embassy of Finland in Belarus, Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Belarus, Embassy of Estonia in Belarus, Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus, Embassy of Latvia in Belarus, Embassy of Denmark in Moscow, Representation of Faroe Islands in Moscow,  Icelandic Film Centre, Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Centre, National Film Centre of Latvia, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute. 


     Partners: Hotel Double Tree Hilton, official distributor of Ford in Belarus, Taxi 5, art-group 'Sinie Gory', production company Volia Films, production company ‘Our Studio’, rental-House FirstRental, bar Svobody 4, coffee shop ‘Zerno’, Moonlightroom.by, Event Space, DataHata.by, Blockbuster.by.

    Media partners: afisha.tut.by, citydog.by, 34mag.net, 34travel.by, ByCard.by, kinopark.by, Belarus3, Belarus24, nina.nn.by, The Village.



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