The 4th Nordic Baltic Film Festival in Belarus Northern Lights 2018 will be held in Minsk from the 19th till the 26th of April in the Mir cinema and will offer an expanded program of films from the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

This year the festival will present 17 films from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Faroe Islands, that are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and are among the countries participating in the Nordic Council of Ministers, will join the list of participating countries for the first time this year.

There is an Association of Cinematographers functioning on the Faroe Islands. One of the best known filmmakers here is Katrin Ottarsdóttir. In 1989 she presented her first full-length feature film «Atlantic Rhapsody» to the international audience. Today, Faroese Film House is actively promoting films from the Faroe Islands and creates conditions for the development of cinema in the region.

During the festival there will take place a lot of educational and entertaining activities: workshops and lectures by well-known filmmakers, foreign critics, writers and even designers. Furthermore — concerts and parties with Nordic and Baltic flavor will be held.

At the end of March, the new slogan and a full program of the festival will be announced. The official opening will take place on 19 April in the Mir cinema (Minsk,  4A Kozlova str.), which is traditionally the main festival location.

Follow the news of the festival on our website and in social media: FB, VK, INSTA. Film trailers will be available soon on our YouTube Channel.


Chief organizer: the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania (www.norden.lt).

Organizers: the Embassy of Norway in Kiev, Danish Cultural Institute in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Liaison Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in the Republic of Belarus, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Republic of Belarus, The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Republic of Belarus, The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Belarus, Icelandic Film Centre, Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Centre.


Supported by the unitary enterprise Kinovideoprokat of the Minsk City Executive Committee 'Kino Minska


Media partners: afisha.tut.by, citydog.by, 34mag.net, 34travel.by, kinopark.by, ByCard.

Partners: Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Ford, Latvian airline Air Baltic, art group ‘Blue Mountain’ rental-House FirstRental, taxi service ‘Taxi5’, production company ‘Our Studio’, bookstore ‘Son Gogolya’, production company Volia Films, bar Svobody 4, coffee shop ‘Zerno’, DataHata.by, JohnDory.by, Moonlightroom.by, tour operator Estaline.


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