“Everything is possible!” — new motto and visual concept of the festival



“Everything is possible” is the new motto of the fifth anniversary Nordic-Baltic film festival “Northern Lights”, which is taking place in Minsk from May 10 to May 17. “MIR” cinema is traditionally festival’s main venue.


The motto of 2019 “Everything is possible” is focusing on unbounded possibilities of a person in this world. We are convinced that opportunities are available for everyone who is looking for them.


We claim it is possible to have an independent film festival in Belarus being made for already five years, to talk on complicated topics openly, to find solutions to conflicts, to hold a discussion from a win-win position and to respect one another. Everything is possible.


That is why the present mission of the festival is to inspire Belarusians to move forward, to smile and to listen to themselves.


There are five extraordinary people of our present, who are affecting different spheres, have their own voices and gain success due to their hard work and talent, we have asked to celebrate the fifth anniversary and to support the “Everything is possible” concept with us. With their participation in the promo-company of "Northern Lights” our heroes have shown how solidarity and mutual support work.




·      Lavon Volski, musician, the hero of youth and present, the symbol of generations, who persuades and inspires a lot of Belarusians with his music;

·     Darya Zhuk, film director, whose picture “Crystal Swan” was put forward for the Oscar from Belarus and who is making improvements in attitude to women in cinematography as well;

·      Vladimir Tsesler, the designer, the legend of Belarusian design, who has shown how interesting the irony works in art and that everything is possible in design: to make a toothbrush out of teeth, a rose bouquet out of dumplings and the police (Militsiya) out of Milavitsa;

·       Viktor Prokopenya, the IT entrepreneur and venture investor, who has proved the personal growth and business development are possible in a country with complicated economic circumstances;

·      Alexandra Chichikova, Miss Wheelchair World 2017, who breaks stereotypes about people with extra abilities and is an example of inner power, courage, openness and kindness.


“I have decided to pay attention to an opened palm, which symbolizes a number five and also appears to be our main number this year, — tells the director of “Northern Lights” Volia Chajkouskaya. — An opened palm is openness, sincerity and joy, which is exactly what is needed at birthday celebrations. All of us have different positions to start from – growth, weight, gender, education, financial conditions, — but everyone has their own personal moral choice, which depends on our inner world and awareness of ourselves. With the “Everything is possible” motto we call to focus on you and your infinite possibilities”.


Visual concept “Everything is possible” is sustained not only by visual production, but with a traditional festival video as well. In this video, our invited heroes gesticulate a lot to demonstrate in a metaphorical way that everything is in your hands. Alexandra Chichikova, Lavon Volski and Vladimir Tsesler took part in making the clip.


Alexandra Chichikova about “Northern Lights”: “These festivals are important for each country. Since this is an opportunity to make a trip to other cultures through cinema. I am very glad that this year “Northern Lights” is happening for the fifth time and that I am a part of it. Thus we together show Belarusians the way our northern neighbours express their creative powers. I am convinced that festival is going to only gain popularity in future”.


The idea of the opened palm as well as the Raber Brason films (who uses body and gesture language a lot in his pictures) inspired us to make this video. The composer Denis Kudriavcev (“Sinie gory”), the constant author of music to “Northern Lights” clips, wrote the music to it. His composition is performed mostly by hands in order to support the “Everything is possible” concept and the presence of hands in the visual language of the film festival.


Lavon Volski about his participation in the festival: “I always like cultural initiatives which are not proposed by the Ministry of Culture, those that exist separately from the state. Furthermore, I feel sentimental for northern countries right since my childhood and certainly for cinematography. Even if you don’t know the modern waves in this field of art, you anyway recollect about Lars von Trier and Ingmar Bergman. I would like to go to Iceland one day to see the local landscapes, where, as the natives believe, trolls still live, with my own eyes. Because I believe as well”.


This year “Northern Lights” includes 18 films from Northern and Baltic countries in the main program. We will show animation, spherical films and a fiction film from Greenland also for the first time ever. Retrospective and workshops for documentalists and many other activities with our foreign guests participating are planned as well within the industrial platform of “Northern Lights”.

The full program will be announced on April 15.


“Everything is possible”:

Idea: Volia Chajkouskaya

FIlming coordinator, assistant director: Ulad Bohdan

FIlming coordinators: Aliaksandra Dorskaya, Hanna Sharko

Creative director and producer: Anton Mekh

Head of designers: Vika Kalbasina

Photographer: Kate Ignashevich

Photographer (New York): Diana Biryk

Music: Denis Kudryavcev (“Sinie gory”)

Costume design: Emma Maria Chernyh

Visagiste: Anya Galka

Lighting: First Rental

Special thanks to clothing brands:
* "Historia" - men’s brand clothes shop
* NOWWON designer clothing
* Twiggy Studio designer clothes


Organizer: Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania (norden.lt).


Co-organizers: Norwegian Embassy in Kiev, Danish Cultural Institute in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Current Time TV, The unitary enterprise Kinovideoprokat of the Minsk City Executive Committee – KinoMinska, Volia Films production company.


General partners: Finnish Liaison Office in Belarus, Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Belarus, Embassy of Estonia in Belarus, Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus,  Embassy of Latvia in Belarus, Icelandic Film Centre, Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Instituteо, Lithuanian Film Centre, National Film Centre of Latvia, B2B DOC - Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network.


Partners: hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk, official distributor of Ford in Belarus, Taxi 5, art-group «Sinie Gory», FirstRental rental house, “Svobody 4” bar, “Zerno” coffee shop, Moonlightroom.by, DataHata.by, Blockbuster.by.


Media partners: afisha.tut.by, citydog.by, 34mag.net, ByCard.by, Belarus3, Belarus24, The Village, mvradio.by


Translated from Belarusian by Alexandra Olentsevich


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