"Northern Lights" opens a kids program "Zzya-kids" for it's anniversary



The film festival now also includes animation films with Belarusian voice-over and events organized specially for kids


This year organizers broaden not only age but also thematic boundaries of their program. This, we are showing an animation film "Jakob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs" directed by Latvian Edmunds Jansons. A book written by Latvian writer Luisa Pastrore “Maskachka’s story”, which tells about talking dogs adventures and their friendship with kids, was taken as the basis for the script. A Norwegian animation picture "Cattle Hill" directed by Lise I. Osvoll, who was the director of another animation film "Elias and The Treasure Of The Sea" as well, and filmed two short-length pictures "One second" and "Newborn nightmare" at the beginning of 2000s.


We have prepared two events for a weekend for children and their parents within the new program. Therefore, master class "City of the future" for young festival audience and their parents will be held at 13:30 on May 11. The recommended age is 7-12 y.o.

Participants of the workshop “City of the future” together will dream up on the ideal world, the ecological urban environment where all citizens live happily and everyone finds a cozy corner.


Moderator - Diana Rafalskaya, architect of residential and public buildings, the expert of the Minsk urban platform, the author of creative courses and drawing teacher for children and adults.



The event will take place at "Zal #2" at "Art-Belarus" gallery (Kazlova str., 3). The entrance fee is 5 BYN and requires pre-registration, which can be done with the help of this link: https://forms.gle/uH1z9chJe4QDrM5y7

Facebook event: https://web.facebook.com/events/174107400159225/


For the first time in festival history there will be animation shown, which will happen after the workshop at 15:00 in "MIR" cinema. Latvian picture "Jakob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs", directed by Latvian Edmunds Jansons, will be presented with Belarusian voice-over.


When Dad brings Jacob to spend summer in the suburb, the boy not only discovers an environment he has never seen before, but he also makes friends with his cousin "know-it-all" Mimmi, and his uncle Eagle, a former seaman. On top of that he meets Boss, the leader of a pack of talking dogs. Will the unexpected friends - Jacob, Mimmi and the talking dogs - be brave enough to rescue the suburb from the rich Lord Pie who plans to convert the romantic place into impersonal glass skyscraper area?


The workshop "Business of dreams" will open the kids program "Ззя-kids" on the next day and it is also recommended for children at the age of 7-12.The workshop "Business of the Dream" involve small participants in the reasoning, what kind of the new professions will be in 10 or 15 years, about what they dream right now and we will make the native visualization in the form of a comic book,


Moderator - Valeriya Mankovich, designer and comicist, published in Belarus. Author of comics courses in the "Children creative workshop studio of the gallery Y", member of union "modern comics."


The event begins at 13:30 on May 12 and takes place at "Zal #2" space at "Art-Belarus" gallery (Kazlova str., 3) as well. The entrance fee equals 5 BYN, the registration is obligatory and can be made here: https://forms.gle/EKifzKc8PNS2ggXL6

Facebook event: https://web.facebook.com/events/281158046172244/


The screening of Norwegian animation film "Cattle Hill" directed by Lise I. Osvoll will happen on the same day, May 12, at 15:00 in "MIR" cinema. The film is demonstrated with Belarusian voice-over.


Klara is a little cow, who lives in the city with her mum and dreams of becoming a music star. One day she receives a letter from her father whom she has not seen for many years and travels to the countryside to meet him. There, she helps to save his farm from a greedy businessman, makes her first friend and understands that one can be a star in many more ways than she imagined.


The tickets for the screenings of animation pictures included in "Zzya-kids" program as well as the tickets for all the other "Northern Lights 2019" films can be purchased on bycard.by.

Organizer: Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania (norden.lt).


Co-organizers: Norwegian Embassy in Kiev, Danish Cultural Institute in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Current Time TV, The unitary enterprise Kinovideoprokat of the Minsk City Executive Committee – KinoMinska, Volia Films production company.


General partners: Finnish Liaison Office in Belarus, Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Belarus, Embassy of Estonia in Belarus, Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus,  Embassy of Latvia in Belarus, Icelandic Film Centre, Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Instituteо, Lithuanian Film Centre, National Film Centre of Latvia, B2B DOC - Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network.


Partners: hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk, official distributor of Ford in Belarus, Taxi 5, art-group «Sinie Gory», FirstRental rental house, “Svobody 4” bar, “Zerno” coffee shop, Moonlightroom.by, DataHata.by, Blockbuster.by.


Media partners: afisha.tut.by, citydog.by, 34mag.net, ByCard.by, Belarus3, Belarus24, The Village, mvradio.by


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