The Road Movie


Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov

Everything that can possibly happen on the Russian roads is meticulously

recorded with dashboard cameras, which are installed in almost every car in post-Soviet countries.

Super-objective dashboardcam videos grow into a strong image of Russian

national character with its permanent awaiting for the miracle and habitual

approach to real dramas.

Alongside a series of bizarre car accidents on the country’s roads, the dashboard cameras also capture a forest fire, which becomes a metaphor for the so-called “Russian Hell”, a military tank by a car wash as a symbol of the absurd and great sense of humor. A video made near Kremlin on the night of Boris Nemtsov murder symbolizes the evil that is always somewhere nearby.

Everything can happen on Russian roads. Everything can happen on the road of life.

The Road Movie is a compilation of video footages recorded via dashboard

cameras in Russia and reflects life as an impartial observer. Life as it is.

The film is screened in the original language







Belarus, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

67 min.

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